Flycatcher Bologonja Camp

Serengeti National Park

According to the season our camps in Serengeti National Park and bordering Ngorongoro Conservation Area are placed where you are as close as possible to the impressive big herds of the wildebeests and zebras. Although the exact location of the migration cannot be predicted, you can always be certain to come across many other animals on interesting game drives.

In the dry season from July to October the herds head towards northern Serengeti and the Mara River where water is always present. Where you can find hoofed animals, you can also find predators! The area is very different from the grassy plains in the South. In addition, there are many species that live here permanently.


Flycatcher Bologonja Camp is open from July to October.

Flycatcher Bologonja Camp
Flycatcher Bologonja Camp


The camp is situated in the Kuka Hills between Bologonja Springs and the Sand River on the border with Kenya. From the camp you have a marvelous view over the plains as far as the Masai Mara.

The nearest airstrip is Lobo (distance 40 km, about 75 minutes’ drive).

GPS coordinates: 1°43'40.9"S 35°12'40.1"E

Game drives

«Bologonja» with its hill chains, tree and grass savannahs, where there are numerous natural drainage ditches with residual water resources and individual springs, is particularly interesting between July and October, when the large herds of wildebeest join the local species such as giraffe, buffalo and impala.

The wildebeests and zebras migrate back and forth between northern Serengeti and Masai Mara, which are separated by the Mara River. With «safari luck» and patience, you can experience an impressive river crossing on a game drive to the Mara River in «Kogatende» (the distance is 80 km).

Game drives in a southern direction to «Lobo» are also within reach of Bologonja Camp (the distance is 40 km).


  • 1 large mobile dining tent in the centre of the camp
  • 8 mobile guest tents (6 tents with each two single beds and 2 tents with each one double bed / three-bed tents are available.)
Guest tents with dining tent and campfire (Flycatcher Bologonja Camp)
Guest tents with dining tent and campfire site in the middle

Dining tent

All meals are served in the dining tent, which has large mesh windows on all sides offering a great view of the plain.

Experienced cooks serve excellent meals with a good variety of fresh food products. All meals are served in buffet style.

Drinks such as coffee and tea are available free of charge. Bottled mineral water, soft drinks, beer, wine and spirits are on offer.

WiFi and a multi-plug charging station are available.

The lighting in the tent is solar-powered.

In front of the dining tent is the campfire site, which invites you to relax in the evening.

Flycatcher Bologonja Camp: Dining tent with campfire site
Dining tent with campfire site
Dining tent (Flycatcher Bologonja Camp)
View from the dining tent

Guest tents

Spacious and comfortable tents with mesh windows on all sides that can be closed from inside as required.

En-suite bathroom with hot water shower, washbasin with running water and flush toilet.

Comfortable beds with Nordic bed linen and luggage racks.

The lighting in the tents is solar-powered.

Safari chairs in front of the tents invite to relax and observe.

Guest tent (Flycatcher Bologonja Camp)
While resting in the camp, you can watch animals passing by within sight from your tent.
En-suite bathroom (Flycatcher Bologonja Camp)
En-suite bathroom
All round view in the tent
Cosy campfire at Flycatcher Bologonja Camp
Cosy campfire at dusk with zebras grazing next to the tents

Rates and bookings

For rates, availabilities and bookings please contact:

E-Mail camps@flycat.

Phone +255 754 420 385

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