Flycatcher Camps

Experience Africa's nature up close

A stay in a tented camp in the national parks of Tanzania is one of the main attractions of a safari. It is an exclusive experience to be very close to nature for a few days and nights.

Our seasonal camps «Flycatcher Lagarja Camp» and «Flycatcher Bologonja Camp» are located for a few months where the wildlife in the Serengeti National Park and the neighboring Ngorongoro Conservation Area is most promising. We set up the camps on «special campsites» within the national parks, in exclusive locations in the middle of the best game drive areas.

Our permanent camp «Flycatcher Ruaha Camp» in Ruaha National Park in the south of Tanzania is located by the Ruaha River. It is a very quiet camp and ideally situated for game drives in various directions.

All camps consist of five to eight comfortable guest tents, a large dining tent, a kitchen tent and accommodation for staff and driver-guides.

Flycatcher Serengeti Camp
Flycatcher Camp in Serengeti National Park

Comfortable tents

The tents have everything you need for a comfortable life in the bush:

  • Spacious tents with «real» beds and shelves
  • En-suite bathrooms with shower, washbasin and flush toilet
  • Light is provided by lamps charged with solar energy.
  • Safari chairs in front of the tents invite you to relax and enjoy the view.
Spacious tents with shower and toilet
Spacious tents with shower and toilet in the rear part of the tent

In the «bush restaurant»

Meals are served in a large, open tent, which can also be closed in cooler temperatures.

Experienced chefs serve excellent meals with a large selection of fresh food.

Enjoy meals at Flycatcher Camps with a view of the nature
Enjoy meals with a view of the nature


In the evening, you can share your impressions of the day around a cosy campfire and marvel at the starry sky.

At night, you can listen to the sounds of animals and nature instead of the familiar sounds of a busy hotel.

Campfire at Flycatcher Bologonja Camp
After the game drive, the cosy campfire invites you to relax.


The camp staff work in front of and behind the scenes to ensure that everything runs smoothly at the camp and that our guests are well looked after. The experienced team consists of 6 to 8 people (chef, kitchen helper, waiters, tent stewards and driver for the transport vehicle).

Employees at Flycatcher Camp
Employees at Flycatcher Camp


The seasonal camps are set up in the national parks for a few months at a time. The material is brought from Arusha in small trucks and at the end of the season everything disappears again without a trace. The occupied spot is returned to nature. Apart from an abandoned fireplace and some crushed grass, there will be nothing left to see.

Flycatcher Lagarja Camp mit Zebras
Flycatcher Camp at Ndutu

Seasons and locations

Flycatcher Camps are available almost all year round in Serengeti National Park and Ruaha National Park.

Locations of the Flycatcher Camps
Locations of the Flycatcher Camps in Tanzania

Lagarja Camp

Flycatcher Lagarja Camp is open from the end of December to March in Ndutu area in the western part of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

Flycatcher Lagarja Camp

Bologonja Camp

Flycatcher Bologonja Camp is located from July to October in «Bologonja» area in northern Serengeti.

Flycatcher Bologonja Camp

Ruaha Camp

Flycatcher Ruaha Camp is located within sight of the Ruaha River in Ruaha National Park.

Flycatcher Ruaha Camp

Lagarja Camp

Serengeti (December - March)

Flycatcher Lagarja Camp

Bologonja Camp

Serengeti (July - October)

Flycatcher Bologonja Camp

Ruaha Camp

Ruaha (July - February)

Flycatcher Ruaha Camp